Lots of walking today. Our first stop is Senso-Ji temple, Tokyo’s oldest Temple. We enter through Thunder Gate with its huge lantern. (weights 670 kg)

The main hall is huge, the incense burning is said to bestow health. The five storey pagoda is the second tallest in Japan, but it’s very crowded.

We tried black sesame and cherry blossom gelato at a nearby tea shop that sells 7 strengths of matcha ice cream, a very popular place.

Next along the Sumido River Walk to the Tokyo Sky Tree, a broadcast tower at 634m high. Lots of shopping there. On our walk there we see 2 men who look like they could be sumo wrestlers with their hair buns and very large physiques.

Akihabara is the electronics district. All sorts of gadgets, anime, and manga items. Very noisy and crowded. We also back track to see the Godzilla Statue we missed by the Imperial Palace. It ended up being a waste of time, very underwhelming.

Tonight is our farewell dinner – our tour is officially over. One more day, then it’s off to Korea.

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