Slept in before heading down for another great breakfast. We were picked up at our hotel then spent the next hour picking up the rest of the group.

After arriving at the dune buggy site we got assigned our dune buggies. Then off we went our first stop was a coffee shop

Once the sales pitch was finished we headed to our next destination the underground pool.

Then it was back into the buggies for some more fun. Our buggy was the slowest, with 3 inches of play in the steering, and power brakes with no vacuum assist so basically no brakes but it was still a ton of fun.

Our last stop was Macao beach. The tide was full, the waves were high and we were inundated with people trying to sell us over priced drinks,or to get our pictures taken with either a parrot or iguana. Not a lot of fun.

Then it was time to take our buggies back and head back to the hotel for dinner. Another nice day.

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