They just called our flight so unless it crashes on the way to Tokyo we’re going to make it. YEH!!

After a short flight to Vancouver, and a long walk to our terminal and no Tim’s to be found, it was time to board our plane for the long flight to Japan. (10hrs)

Although the flight was long, it went by pretty quickly and soon we were landing at the Narita airport. We made it through customs fairly quickly with only a few problems with our QR codes. Our biggest problem was trying to purchase Suica cards to use while traveling but with the help of some very kind japanese people we got that figured out then it was off to catch the Narita Express.

The scenery on the way in was interesting with lots of farm land and Japanese looking buildings at first, but the closer we got to Tokyo the more the view modernized until all there was were very tall buildings. The last part of our journey was a pleasant walk to our hotel thru the busy streets. We were going to go exploring once we checked in at our hotel, but decided to go to bed instead. A long day but a nice one.

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