Up early for the 2 1/2hr drive to Santo Domingo for our historical tour of the old city. Our first stop was the light house a museum that took 500 years to build.

Our 2nd stop was at the 3 Eyes national park.

Then it was off to the old town and Christopher Columbus’s house

After visiting Christopher Columbus’s house we walked down to a church in the old town, as well as one of the main squares before stopping for lunch

Lunch was at a very trendy vegan restaurant my meal was excellent if somewhat over priced.

Our last stop of the day was a retail mall in the newest part of the city. Traffic was crazy so we got dropped off in front. We had 1/2hr to check things out not enough time to do much of anything but we did our best. We checked out the super Mart as well as the amazing Christmas display before boarding our bus for the long ride home.

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