Sept 15 – off on our travels to New Mexico.  We have a stopover to visit Shayne and Sabrina in Mission and then cross the border at Sumas.  Through Snoqualmie Pass in the rain and drizzle.  Liberty Creek Campground in Liberty Washington is very nice and free!.

Sept 17 – we head through the southeast corner of Washington into Oregon.  Weather is still rainy and cool.  We camp near La Grande, Oregon, at a lovely spot near a small pond.  Lots of deer about at dusk.

Sept  18 – still making tracks through the rain and cold in Idaho.  Lots of rolling grasslands and prairies, as well as mountains.  This area really looks like our trip to Montana and South Dakota.  Balanced Rock Campground in Castleford is another great free site along a creek with lots of jumping fish!  Balanced Rock is nearby, 40×48 feet and sitting on a very small 3-foot base.

Sept 19 – We stop in Twin Falls to see beautiful Shoshone Falls – wider than Niagara Falls when the water level is high, which it is not today.  We pass the large dirt mound Evel Knievel used to attempt his sky cycle jump across Snake River.  While he did make the jump, a faulty parachute and wind dragged him back over the river to the bank of his original take-off.  We were very lucky to watch about 6 BASE jumpers climb over the railing of the Perrine Bridge and parachute off over the Snake River to the bank.  Jumpers come from around the world as you do not need any permit to make the jump.  All parachutes deployed successfully for the short jump.  Very awesome to watch these daredevils.  We could see a shrine nearby to those who were not as fortunate to make the jump.

Sept 20 – An awesome day spent at Craters of the Moon National Monument.  Lots of lava rocks, cinder cones, and craters to see and hike among.

Sept 21 – We cross into Wyoming and head to Jackson – a very nice little town with its antler archways into the town square.  Up, up, up, through the Teton Pass through lots of snow and cloud.  The Teton Range is very tall and magnificent, despite the low cloud cover.  We are camping in a free site in the nearby forest area outside the park. 

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