Sept 17-22
We are back on the mainland in New Brunswick waiting for fall and the autumn colors.  The weather is definitely cooler with some rainy days.

In Moncton, we tried out Magnetic Hill.  You put your vehicle in neutral and it really does seem like you are rolling uphill.  Is it magnetic or an optical illusion? 

Sept 17 – We have been visiting the Bay of Fundy again. Hopewell Rocks are absolutely breathtaking!  We spend hours on the ocean floor looking at huge sandstone cliffs on the shore.  We visit Hopewell Rocks at low tide and then come back for high tide to see the difference. By high tide, one cannot go on the beach as the water is lapping at the bottom of the staircase.  It really gives a visual impact as to how high the tide really goes.

Sept 18 – Cape Enrage is a twisty drive in the RV, but we find some fossils on the beach.  We also get to hear the fog horn until the fog lifts.  This area is known for its high winds, but we are lucky on the day we visit.  We overnight at the Shire – a free campsite that the family across the road owns and allows people to camp overnight.  They even provide a port-a-potty, a small trailer if you need more shelter and a large covered firepit area with swings and seating.  We meet the owner Don, who at one time worked in the forestry industry in BC. 

Sept 19/20 – We hike in Fundy National Park.  We stop in St. Martins, a very touristy little town with two covered bridges and an active fishing industry. From here, we drive the Fundy Trail.  This is a very nice drive with lots of observation points along the Bay of Fundy shoreline.  There is an old sawmill and a cookhouse, as well as lots of short hikes.

Sept 21 – A day spent wandering Saint John.  This is an industrial city full of old brick buildings.  There is a lovely waterfront walk.  Highlights include Barbour’s General Store – an 18th-century general store restored as a museum.  Reversing Rapids is also a highlight. At high tide, the water flowing from the Bay of Fundy collides with that flowing from the Saint John River.  This creates whirlpools and waves.  There is only a 20-minute slack tide twice a day whereby small boats can actually move through this stretch of water safely. 

Sept 22 – Saint Andrews is a nice tourist town with a long dock and lots of shops.  St. Andrews Blockhouse is another example of an old fortification historical site.  At St. Stephen, we visit the Ganong Chocolate Museum where we learn how this factory has made candy and chocolates since the 1880s.  An interesting stop complete with delicious samples.  Ganong’s claim to fame is ‘chicken bones’ and the first heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s day.

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