A lot of traveling the past two days not much sightseeing. Left Winnipeg on Saturday for a trip up to Gimli “New Iceland”. Icelandic people immigrated here a long time ago to Lake Winnipeg invited by the Canadian government. At first living in sod houses and slowly progressing into the summer destination it is today, many of their descendants still live here.

The town contains a large sandy beach, a concrete causeway with murals, and a large marina – a very pleasant place to spend the day or the entire summer. We spent the day touring the town, watching the fishermen catch walleye off the breakwater, visit the Viking statue with its cute elf houses. Since there was no place to Boondock, we headed back in to Winnipeg, stopping on our way to ride our bikes in Fort Whyte park before spending the night in another Walmart.

The next morning we are off to Barwick with a stop at Kenora, a very nice little town on Lake of the Woods. Lots of summer cottages and boats. On our drive down we pass a lot of lakes, as well as numerous small ponds with Beaver lodges some small some extremely large. We don’t spot any beavers though.

We had planned to spend a couple of days here at the free community RV park in Barwick, but on arrival we find it has been taken over by full-time mill workers and a man from BC working for New Gold, a gold mining company out of Kamloops. Apparently there is lots of gold around here. We manage to squeeze into a small spot on the driveway and enjoy the lake and trees before heading out in the morning.

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