Slept in till after 9 due to the time change, after breakfast we checked out the Frison Bros market, quite nice with a cool large Styrofoam Grizzly out front.

Then it was time to head out, first thing to do was find water, we ran out the night before, still need to get organized with all the things we need to get done. Luckily we find free water at a Shell station on our way out of Hinton.

Today we are heading to Stony Plane to hook up with a friend I use to work with a long time ago. As we head towards Edmonton we pass lots of boggy terrain on either shoulder, we fail to spot any moose but do find alot of beaver lodges.

We stop in the late afternoon at Wabamu Provincial Park to view the beach and go on a nice hike while we wait for Bill to finish work. A nice leisurely day.

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