After a restful sleep at the Costco we head out early along Highway 5 towards Jasper, Mt Robson is absolutely stunning with it’s layered rock covered in snow. Up through the mountains we see great swaths of dead pine trees – the battle against the pine beetle is far from over.

We spend the late afternoon/evening in Jasper National Park taking the scenic drive to Maligned Lake a beautiful glacier green lake.

The Maligne Canyon is deep and very narrow in places with tremendous water forces carving out layers of rock forming miniature Grand Canyon.

During our time here we spot a small bear hiding in a tree from all us tourists as well as a large Eagles nest,two more black bears and numerous elk munching grass alongside the road.

We overnight in Hinton at the 24hr Frison Bros market which has a large sign Welcoming RVers to stay the night we share this with 8 other RV’s

  1. Hallo Jacky and Guy, nice pictures, we do remember oure trip! You see always black beers around Maligne, maby there are rests of food, from people. Very nice place! We did go on a tour to Spirit island. In Jasper is a good chinees restaurant!, we did eat there, and had a Hotel for the night. Have a good trip! Nel.

  2. Hallo Jacky and Guy, Wonderful mountain, mount Robsen. It let my think of ouer trip in Canada. We did visit beautiful Maligne lake, always black bears in the area, and did go to spirit Island. The canyon, you can do a lot in that area. Thanks for showing, Have good following days! Nel

    • We were too late in the day to do the trip to Spirit Island at Maligne Lake. It looked like it would be a good boat ride. J

    • Other than bears in Jasper and some deer, we have not seen much wildlife elsewhere in Canada. We would like to see a moose, but only from a safe distance. J

  3. Jacky an Guy, those pictures brings my back to my days in Canada. Beautiful mountains, and a very Nice place to stay in Jasper. We did the Tour to spirit island at lake Maligne,beautiful. There are always black beers in the naberhood of Jasper. Greetings Nel.

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