The winds picked up at our campsite starting in the early morning and got steadily worse as we headed back to Rapid City. Driving back in we were constantly buffeted and pushed around and halfway back our ABS/Traction Control lights came on, rig still drove fine but on arrival to Rapid City we took it in to be checked out. We spent 4 hours at Eddie’s Truck Center to find out there was no problem with the RV, it was just caused by the high winds pushing on the rig, best part they didn’t charge us. With the day mostly shot, we head out to visit an exact replica of the Stave Church near Oslo Norway (looked just like one we saw so many years ago in Europe) as well as an exhibit about the Berline Wall – featuring 2 pieces of the wall & 2 pieces of the barricade.

We planned on overnighting at the Local Walmart but they are not RV friendly so back to Cabela’s.

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