Were in cowboy country now, so our first stop is “The Buffalo Bill Center of the West” which contains 5 museums – Plains Indians, Western Art, Draper Natural History, Cody Firearms, and of course Buffalo Bill Center of the West. We spent the entire day here viewing all the various exhibits. My favorite being the Firearms Museum and its exhibit on the Glock Handgun history as well as an hour-long talk on 1800 flintlocks and how they contributed to the expansion into the western territories.  The center also contained a raptor exhibit and sanctuary were rescued raptors are cared for that can longer survive in the wild. It was a very interesting seeing an owl, peregrine falcon, and a turkey vulture close up.

We finish off the day with a simulated shootout at the historic Irma Hotel. It was HOKEY  but entertained us for 30 minutes then it was back to Walmart to overnight once again.

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