Wake up to cold rainy weather but no snow yet! Since visibility & temp will be bad for Old Faithful we decide to check out a free campsite nearby to wait out the bad weather.

We head 8 miles, west from West Yellowstone then 5 miles down Denny Creek Rd. to Forest Service Road 167. The first part of the drive into Cherry Creek Campground is pretty good but then the road turns to washboard gravel and our speed drops to 10k with 2 miles still to go. On arrival we once again take the first campsite we come to and set up camp for the day but decided afterward to be a little bit braver this time and drive the 2 miles to the campsites by the lake. It was an easy drive in and well worth it there are 8 sites and only one is taken so we grab the next best one and set up to wait out the weather.  Drizzle and cool weather continued all day with heavy rain at times. We hunker down under a blanket and watch a good movie.

Awake to snow on the ground in our very cold motor-home. Good thing Jackie packed 2 quilts and an extra blanket. The weather at Yellowstone is forecast to be cold with freezing rain so we stay in camp for another day and let the storm pass. By late afternoon the sun is out and the snow has melted off the roof ,the solar panels are finally recharging the batteries so we should be able to make it thru the night.

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