After a peaceful nights sleep, we head back to Yellowstone passing under the downed tree which fortunately has not moved since yesterday. Our first stop of the day is Norris Geyser Basin – Steamboat Geyser’s erupting  10-20′ every few minutes. Lots of geysers  & springs in this area! It’s well worth checking out the whole area including Porcelain Basin and the Back Basin.

We can see Beryl Spring from the road and it’s not too impressive, we really wanted to go to the artists paint pots but RV’s are not allowed on the Firehole Road.

Gibbons Falls was gorgeous – even the bicyclists stop for photos, the best thing about Lower Geyer Basin was Fountain Paint Pot – bubbling mud and red cones all around.

Midway Geyser Basin is home to the Grand Prismatic Spring but on this visit due to the rain and wind blowing the steam at us, it was impossible to really see it.

After another long day, while heading out of Yellowstone on the way out we hear that snow is forecast for the area, we decide to treat ourselves and spend the night at the West Yellowstone KOA, hot showers, a swimming pool and hot tub were just what we needed.


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