With the lovely weather we have had this winter it took 2 months but my RV is now parked next to the house. It turned out to be a lot more work than I thought it was and it’s a tight fit but it finally is parked where I can actually do some work on it.

I started with this.

First job remove the hedge which turned out to be the hardest part of the whole job. While removing the hedge I broke 2 irrigation lines, and now have to redo the garden area but that is for another time.

Once that was taken care of the rest went quickly with the exception of the 2 clean outs that ended up in the middle of the new addition but we managed to work past that.

Next obstacle was the weather this is just not the right time of year to be doing this. The weather was great right up till I was ready to pour the concrete and then it decided to snow!

It took another 2 weeks till we were able to pour and I really should have waited longer but I needed to move the RV. Fortunately even tho it snowed after we poured the temperatures were mild enough that the concrete seems to have come thru undamaged.

And now it’s home, still have to finish repairing the irrigation lines, build a brick wall were the hedge use to be and a few other things but it’s parked at home and I’m happy. The rest will get done in time.

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