Arrived in Akron at 9:30 this morning, the temperature was a cool -14c with fields covered in snow from yesterdays snowfall.

After being driven to the dealership I was told that Bob my salesman was in Toledo with most of the dealership personnel who were getting set up for the Toledo RV Show. Problem number one.  Went thru the PDI and several problems were apparent first one being the coach door was damaged and the screen door as well. After my PDI walk thru I spent 2 more hours checking the RV. I pointed out what I had found and they agreed to repair them, but the end result is I can’t leave till Saturday!!!

Fortunately, there is a hotel right next to the dealership so I have someplace to stay while I figure out how to export this RV. This was supposed to be handled by my salesman but now it’s been left up to me.

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