This morning we drive to Wai-O-Tapu (Sacred Water) which is a thermal wonderland located 35km outside of Rotaroa. Wai-O-Tapu is covered with colourful craters, steaming waters, hot and cold pools,vents and hissing fumeroles.

A volcanic wonderland of geothermal activity. We spend a couple of hours walking the  well-marked paths of this amazing park. The pools vary in color from blue, green and neon green depending on the mineral content.



At 10:15 the Lady Knox geyser erupts courtesy of some surfactant added to it. It foams and bubbles for a few minutes then shoots up to 20 meters lasting at least 10 minutes FANTASTIC.


A little like cheating though as the eruption is assisted. Other geysers in the park can erupt normally, but do not while we are there unfortunately. Just outside of the park are the most awesome mud pools. Lots of gurgling, plopping, shooting mud!!



We continue our drive through farmlands with green rolling hills and numerous sheep clinging from the hillside on our way to Waitomo Caves. Once we arrive we book our tour for the glow worm caves but we have to stay the night. Our hotel tonight is the Waitomo Caves Hotel – it looks haunted!! Fancy chandeliers throughout and art everywhere – elegance of a bygone era.



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