Took public transportation out to Bondi Beach this morning, weather was a little overcast but comfortable. What a perfect beach, beautiful sand and surf. We removed our shoes and walked along the beach watching the surfers ride the mild waves, as well as a few people body surfing.

During our walk we spot a porcupine puffer fish washed up on the very clean beach being attacked by a couple of cute sea gulls.

We walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach along the Coastal Walk, parts of which were being repaired after the June 26th storm. The 6k walk took us along the coast past many expensive houses, some quite old, others very new, all with gorgeous views of the ocean.

Several secluded coves contained breakwaters, as well as sea water pools with people snorkeling, a couple were not even wearing suits.

At the end of the day we wander into a Tesla dealership and admire a $330,000 6-passenger North American X model. The main screen between the occupants is huge and the windscreen wrapping up over your head was cool, but the best feature of the car was the rear gull wing doors.

On our way back to our hotel we walk thru a narrow alley filled with bird cages hanging between the building.

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