Up before the sun once again for our 3 1/2 hour hike around the Kings Canyon rim. From the parking lot it’s a very steep climb up uneven rock steps – the first climb took us 20 minutes.

From there the trail winds along the rim’s edge as well as going up and down.

Kings Canyon is made up of the remains of a long dead sea with the canyon rim consisting of the more fragile beach and the lower interior of the harder ocean floor.

Our path meandered about thru a varied landscaped of rock formations of all shapes and sizes with sparse vegetation poking out.

Using an elaborate set of stairs we descended to the canyon floor to view the water hole complete with waterfall.

When we arrive at our new camp after a 4-hour drive our group splits up, over half of our group is going back to Alice Springs. Just 5 of us are continuing on to Adelaide, with the added bonus of we now get to do dishes. Yeah!!!

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