I will be traveling to Australia in Aug and wanted to be able to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. I went ahead and booked my 3 day trip in January at the same time that I signed up for scuba lessons. I did great in the pool sessions but was having a problem getting use to wearing the scuba mask, handled the first two ocean dives without to many problem but the following day when I had to do my last two dives I couldn’t calm myself down to do them so ended up not making them.  Part of my problem was I had injured myself at work so between that and stressing myself out having to take my mask off underwater I totally psyched myself out. To help get over my fear of wearing a scuba mask I purchased one after finishing my physical rehab, I spent 3 weeks practicing wearing the mask in the shower and watching TV with it on (waited till everyone else went to bed didn’t want to look to stupid 😉 ) till I got to the point that it no longer bothered me.

On Sunday I did my final two ocean dives and am now certified to scuba dive, can’t wait to go to Australia it’s going to be fun.




Found this awesome dive rig on Thingiverse for my GoPro hopefully the video will be great.



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