Late start today, left our hotel at 10 for our drive to Ollantaytambo. Made several stops on the way, our first stop was at a Alpaca zoo and textile cultural center. We learned all about the differences between Vicunas,alpacas,and llamas, as well as how they dye the wool.

We then stopped at the Sacred Valley view point. The terracing was amazing.

Next we stopped for lunch in a quaint village with windy narrow roads. After eating, we were treated to a pottery demonstration.

In the same village we were given a chocolate demonstration. It was similar to the class we took yesterday, but the chocolate was less refined and tasted much different.

After a short drive to the next village, we had our final demonstration done by a lady who makes chicha. This is made from dry corn and tasted a lot like beer. It’s a fairly complex process and it needs to be used up the same day it is made otherwise they feed it to their animals.

Arrived at our hotel at 4:30. This town is used by most tourists taking the train to Machu Picchu or hiking the Inca trails which explains why our room had 4 bed.

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