Left our moms for the two hour boat ride to Taquilla, a small island in lake Titicaca. Once we arrived, we had a long walk up the steep island pathway from which you could see the Andes in Bolvia.


An hour later when we arrived at the town square, we were given a 1/2 hour free time to walk around. On this island the men do the knitting, even while walking! The women weave on looms. The women also are the ones asking the men on dates. You can tell a guy is single because the last half of his long tuque is white. A single women is shown by her shawl having a large colourful pompom.




After a short history of the square,  we saw a large political rally going on for the office of mayor. Peruvians really take their politics seriously. We have seen signs and rallies everywhere. In Nazca the airline owner filmed a political  ad using some of our group.



Back to the boat for the 3 hour ride to Puno, where we arrived just in time for another thunder shower.

Early morning tomorrow, 7 hour public bus ride to Cuzco.

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