Let me start by saying this frame is a work-of-art. Every piece, cut, and hole is well thought out and serves a purpose. The designer bayareaheli didn’t waste a single inch of this frame with useless branding or silly designs, it is truly a purpose built machine.

The Nemesis 240 is a mini quad designed for fast action FPV flight. This frame was engineered and developed from the ground up as a highly versatile quadcopter that retains the heart and design of the original BAH series. Developed in the USA, this mini drone is fast and nimble, and a great choice when you want to have fun with your aircraft.

What features make this stand-out from the crowd you ask? How about extendable 3mm thick CF arms to fit 6″ props for some serious thrust capability? A rear bulkhead for mounting both a UHF receiver and/or a Vtx. A removable front plate for carrying a GoPro. Clean and dirty section for super clean builds with isolating bobbins for smooth video and flight control. Folding arms for compact storage. It’s truly a marvelous feat of engineering that I fully recommend for your next mini build or upgrade.

Standard Frame features:
-Vibration free separated Clean and Dirty sections for smooth video recording
-Instantly fully inward fold-able quad for easy pack and go and crash protection
-Lightweight frame design but still able to take hard hits
-Unique custom folding and extending arm mechanism allows both 5″ and 6″ props
-4 predefined flight configurations for wings, X compact, H compact, X extended, Superman
-Alignment/locking holes for H in 5″, X in 5″, X in 6″
-Unique ability to dirty or clean mount your flight controller (supports 45mm and below FCs)
-2 Stage Bobbin travel limiter
-Built in Mobius/GoPro1-3+ mounts integrated into frame and accessories
-Dedicated Board Camera and rear bulkhead plates
-Accessory Shelf with 3 mounting positions, (you can use up to 3 at once)
-Extension plate for mounting Mobius, GoPro, InfinityCam One, CCD flight cam out front, bolts in 2 locations
-Multiple SMA jack mounts including a unique rear bulkhead mount
-Extended lower front spoiler on dirty section for frontal crash impact absorption
-Intelligent Electronics management: tons of options for mounting electronics including Buzzers, Strobes, leds, voltage readers, OSD, access Mobius buttons when mounted inside frame, etc
-Clean wiring, all ESCs mount inside center frame as well as flight controller, fits Bt408 mini PDB perfectly inside
-Battery can be top mounted or mounted inside the clean section
-Integrated mounting points (2 locations) for Landing Gear/Standoffs

Quad Build Specs:
Quad Frame: BAH Nemesis Quadcopter Frame
Flight Controller: Flip32 +
Motors: Armatton Tmotor MN2206 2000KV
ESC’s: Afro 12amp (SimonK) Brushless ESC flashed with Blheli.
Props: RCX01-398 6045 carbon/nylon cut down to 5045
Batteries: Nano-Tech 1500mah 35C-70C moving to 4S soon.

Controller Set up:
Flight Receiver: FrSky D4R-II
Flight Controller: Frsky Taranis
TX Module: Built in

FPV Set up:
FPV Camera: 600TVL Sony PZ0420 SUPER HAD CCD Color Board Camera w 2.1mm Lens
Video Recording: Original GoPro.
Video TX: Boscam TS5823 200mw 5.8ghz 32 channels
Video RX: Skyzone FPV Goggles 5.8GHz Dual Diversity 32CH Receiver With Head-Tracker
Antennas: Circular Polarized Antennas
OSD: MICRO MINIMOSD flashed with MW-OSD R1.4


Frame Parts



Build Process:

Lower frame completed.


Motor wires sleeved and ready for installation.


Flashed ESC’s and 36mm PDB soldered and assembled.

Lower Asy

Lower Asy-1

Lower Asy-3

Flip32 installed, installation of FPV gear completed, Ready to Fly.

Upper Asy


Finished the Cleanflight Setup just have to maiden it. Will post a video of it when I’m done but I’m sure I will be quite happy with the results.

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