We drive to Dawson Creek, mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway – 1523 miles each way! We have completed one complete length ( in tiny bits).

Dawson Creek visitor centre contains this fun sign, as well as a beautiful restored grain elevator.

Next stop is Tumbler Ridge. We see lots of wind turbines along the way, one of the oddest views was seeing just the blade tips appear just over the crest of a hill.

We are here to see dinosaur stuff! In 2000, two boys discovered footprints of ankylosaurs. Many more tracks have since been found, as well as fossils.

In 2007, the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery opened. BC’s most complete skeleton (Hadrosaur) is here, but in storage until a suitable building is constructed. Lots of exhibits to see.

We take a 2-hour hike to see where the original trackways were discovered. Unfortunately they are largely eroded away now. We get a chance to see about a dozen other tracks nearby – also slowly eroding away. We are thankful for the tour as the prints are very hard to pick out. A very enjoyable visit to Tumbler Ridge.

We pull off near Moose Lake where there is supposed to be fishing and camping. The forestry road has signs posted that the 6km road is steep, so we stay at the pullout just off the highway.

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