We had a great visit at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Guides show us native games and sports, as well as songs and dances. Lots of drumming and use of hand fans or gloves, but very little movement. Regalia is very low key compared to BC indigenous regalia and dance. Lots of handicraft, art and story boards.

We take a guided tour of the six traditional style buildings used by the 4 different clans, with hands on displays. We learn that totem poles are only done by the natives to the southeast bordering BC. We see very intricate handmade canoes (using wood, birch bark or seal skins) designed for either speed or stability and hauling. Most of the multifamily homes are underground with just one small entrance to conserve heat and protect from animals and enemies, but some are as long as a football field.

Our last stop of the day is Wildberry Products, known for its handmade chocolates and candies and containing the world’s largest chocolate waterfall made from 3400 lbs of chocolate. We enjoyed browsing through the store, watching the candy kitchen in action, but the best part was the free samples.

Once again we spend the night at Cabela’s.

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