Picked a poor spot to stay last night, the sounds of the seals were cool, but, who knew so many people would go down our 2 mile stretch of road to work at the pipe line between 4-6am. So a very poor sleep, but we did get an early start to our day.

We can see the Matanuska Glacier as we head through mountain passes on the Glenn Highway.

We stop at the Alpine Historical Park in Chickaloon/Sutton – an open-air museum containing the ruins of a coal washway and other mining equipment. Lots of small historical buildings including a post office. A wall tent example on display, as well as a Athabascan house with caribou hides for bedding and sled seating. A worthwhile stop.

Our boondocking site for the night turned into a bust and the closer we got to Palmer the worse the weather got, so we ended up at Moose Creek Campground, very large sites and very reasonable price ($10).

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