Today is a full day of sightseeing starting with Bulguksa Temple, a big temple with many beautifully painted buildings and Buddhas, and stone pagodas.

In Busan we see the Jagalchi fish market and Gukjesijang Market. So many live fish, eels, octopi and shellfish. One eel leaps out of the tank in front of us. The fishmonger grabs it and tosses it 10 feet into another tank!

An interesting visit to Gamcheon Cultural Village. This hilly area was a shantytown at one point, housing north Koreans who were trapped in south Korea unable to go home after the war. Here they lived while trying to get back home. Eventually the ramshackle buildings were remodeled and renovated. Many are painted pastel shades. People live here and work in the various cafes and shops.

Final stop is Haedong Yonggungsa Temple – a very picturesque temple located on a cliff overlooking the East China Sea. Really enjoyed this temple visit despite the pouring rain.

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