Up early for Narita Airport, flight to Incheon and Subway Train to Hotel Prince. Only 20 minutes late to the meeting. Definitely an older crowd – Chuck is in his 80s but looks much younger.

Dinner out for kimchi and rice served with beef boiled in broth, greens and mushrooms cooked at the table in a shallow pan. Very good, lots of food.

Orientation walk of Myeong-dong area , a very busy shopping area with lots of street food for sale, breaded + fried sausage, crabs, shrimps/ beef wraps/lobster/etc. A very crowded area.

Many tall buildings in the area with large television billboards.

We also walk along Cheonggyecheon stream, a manmade stream with walkways, bridges, and waterfalls. There was a stream here originally, but it was covered over. A lovely night stroll, lots of young couples and people.

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