Today we take 4 different trains to reach Mt. Fuji. First the Subway to Kyoto station, then a bullet train to Shinyokohama where we see our first glimpse of Mt. Fuji. Next is a local train to Hachioji, then our final train on the Fujikyu rail line to Kawaguchiko.

From the train station, it is a short walk to the stairway containing 400 steps to get to the best viewing platform for Mt. Fuji. It is a beautiful clear day which makes for excellent views of the majestic mountain, with the light playing across the snow covered cap. Once we reach the top and took our photos, it is time to head back down for our final trip to our hotel.

Tonight we are staying at a ryokan inn with tatami mats & futons, as well as an onsen.

Dinner is a traditional Japanese Kaiseki dinner. Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese multi-course meal. Dishes come one after another on fine plates some other dishes are cooked at your table.

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