Kyoto was once Japan’s capital. Countless temples, shrines and other historical structures survive today. A visit to Nishiki market for lunch, an upscale market with lots of seafood and other tasty treats. Also a  visit to a fancy department store where we saw a belt priced at $560, and it didn’t look extraordinary in any way.

We visit Fushimi Inari Shrine with its 4000 torii gates. Beautiful shrines of orange and white with lacquer finish. A very peaceful setting.

We eat dinner at the train station. We order ramen from a vending machine, are ushered to a table, and within minutes a huge bowl of steaming Ramen with a tray of gyoza (dumplings) is delivered to our table. Delicious!!

Before going to dinner we enjoy the huge sprawling Kyoto station and partake of the illumination show. The stairway glows with thousands of led lights that put on an impressive light show and the overhead walkways give nice views of the city.

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