A long morning traveling to Hiroshima using a local train and 2 different bullet trains that reach speeds of 300 km/hr.

From our hotel we take a tram to the Peace Memorial Park and museum. It’s a somber visit as we reflect on the tragic events of Aug 6/45 when the USA dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. One of the few buildings left standing was preserved as a memorial, it is burnt out and mostly demolished but stands as a monument.

We visit the Flame of Peace which will only be extinguished when the world gets rid of all its Atomic weapons. The Children’s Peace Memorial is filled with origami cranes, we add ours to the memorial. This memorial began when a girl developed leukemia 10years after the bombing and her mother folded 1100 cranes to try to heal her daughter without success.

The Atomic Bomb Museum tells the history of the war, the bombing and the stories of the victims, including articles of tattered clothing, fused teapots, incinerated bicycles and lunch boxes.

The blast zone levelled everything in its path with few survivors. One person went into the basement of a building and came back up only to find nothing left standing. A place of personal reflection and prayer that history will not repeat itself again. On our way out of the memorial, we see a crane – hopefully a symbol of peace for the future.

Dinner out is Okonomiyaki – Japanese pizza or pancake with everything cooked in front of us on a large grill. First a thin pancake is poured, a lot of shredded cabbage is added, fish spices then other spices, then whichever additional toppings you ordered – shrimp,pork,corn,cheese, sausage,egg, Japanese basil and more are added. The whole thing is cooked through and served with a layer of uden or soba noodles. A huge serving but very delicious.

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