Today we check out Shibuya and Harajuku. We start at the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing. The traffic stops in all directions allowing masses of people to cross the intersection in any direction they want. On busy days over 500,000+ people cross here.

We cross and start our walking tour of the various shopping areas around us. They vary from the high end Prada/Coach/Louis Vuitton to the low end touristy shops. The cheap district is like the area around Niagara Falls, with its huge cotton candy balls, deep fried everything, and yummy looking crepes.

Pachinko palaces are popular here. Over the last few days we have seen dog and cat cafes, as well as a hedge hog cafe – all with very long lines to get in.

We pass Yoyogi Stadium built for the Olympics and visit Meiji shrine. Here we run across a bride and groom in original outfits that created quite a crowd around them. We venture into Yoyogi park and finally back to the hotel. We stop at a Tesla dealership just for fun.

Another long day, but a good one.

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