We enjoyed more free museums during our stay.  The museums may be free, but they get you with the cafeteria prices!

Very long lineups at the National Air and Space Museum.  This museum has fewer actual airplanes on display than other air museums.  There are lots of informative displays and exhibits about exploration, navigation, telescopes, satellites etc.  There is a very large space component here with space rockets, Skylab, a Hubble telescope, moon buggy, and space capsules. 

The National Museum of Natural History is huge!  Lots of information and displays about ancient and modern mammals, early humans, birds, insects, sea life, volcanoes, and even live butterflies.  A very large display about rocks and gems – even the Hope diamond is on display.  Preserved animals and insects from hundreds of years ago are studied to compare DNA and other markers for research.

We spend a day at the Smithsonian Zoo as well.  The Smithsonian breeds and protects vulnerable and threatened species through this arm of the Smithsonian.  We have enjoyed Washington, DC – there has been lots to see and do, but time to get on the road again!

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