Sept 26 – we cross over into Maine through Houlitan.  Of course, we are “randomly selected” for a border inspection… After a few more questions inside the building and an inspection, we are permitted into America.  We see lots of logging trucks and rural country roads with American flags everywhere.  A truck goes by with large moose antlers and carcass in the back.  We dodge a dozen wild turkeys and a dozen ducks crossing the road before overnighting by the beach out in the middle of nowhere.  It should be quiet, but there is a heavy rain and windstorm all night.

Sept 27 – We are back in the land of the automobile.  As parking our motorhome can be tough, we sometimes walk between various stops and have to dodge traffic as there are no sidewalks.  We noticed this last year too.

We spend a lovely sunny afternoon in Bar Harbor.  This is a very touristy town full of old mansions and inns.  There are a lot of tourists in town despite it being a Thursday in late September.  We can see 3 cruise ships in the harbor, as well as some windjammers out on tours.

Sept 28 and 29 – Two good days spent in Acadia National Park which we thoroughly enjoy.  A free bus shuttle takes us around the scenic drive and we hop off to do various walks and hikes.  We see a beautiful natural garden showcasing plants of the region.  The park includes lakes and ponds, mountains, sand beaches, and rocky beaches with wild surf.  The terrain also includes miles of “carriage roads” – wide gravel pathways meant for horse and carriage rides in the old days.  Today, one can still get a carriage ride as there is a stable in the park. We choose to bike ride on some of these carriage roads past stone bridges.  It is a good workout as the terrain is steep in places.

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