Jackie woke me up at 2am yesterday morning because she thought she heard something, but we couldn’t find the source of her noise. At 5 a.m. I was awoken by something crawling up my leg, but again we couldn’t find anything wrong. In the morning, while getting breakfast ready, Jackie let out a very loud scream when she found a mouse looking back at her from our cutlery drawer. We must have picked it up at our last stop at the lake. We proceeded to take all the drawers out, as well as everything else in the RV, but we still could not find the mouse. So off to Walmart we go to pick up some traps before heading into Kingston.

Kingston is a city known for its white limestone buildings and not its RV parking lots. We finally find a place to park on the street way outside the city. After setting our traps, we offload our bikes and ride into town. The city hall reminds us of plazas in Europe with the building style and large open areas around it. We ride down the waterfront pathway past expensive yachts and sailing boats and wind turbine farms off in the distance.

Our final destination is Bellevue House – the country estate of Sir John A MacDonald, Canada’s first prime minister. It’s closed for renovations but we are still able to tour the grounds. On our way back to Kingston, we pass by one of the four towers that make up the Kingston Fortifications built in the early 1800’s.

We spend the rest of the day in Kingston enjoying the busker fest before heading back to our RV  only to find our guest is still with us.

Woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep and find that our guest has checked out permanently, so we are off to a good start. Today we are heading to Ottawa to spend some time with some old friends and explore the city. On the way there we will be stopping at another lock in Smith Falls. At 26 feet, this one has one of the longest drops in Canada. When we arrive, we are fortunate enough to see a few pleasure boats traveling thru the locks. Even with the large amount of water they have to move in the lock, it’s still a very speedy process. Then it’s off to our friend’s place to catch up – we will likely be here for a while.

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