Our first day here started off well, figured out the transit system, and received a very good discount on our first bus ride 80% off, given to us by a very helpful driver, we weren’t so lucky the next day.
The trip into Toronto takes approximately 2 hrs, we first take a bus to the train station then the train into Union Station. On the way in, we see a field of transmission lines, massive highway systems filled with trucks, numerous distribution centers one being CTC’s main distribution center consisting of 8 huge buildings with over 60 loading docks. The closer we get to Toronto the larger the building get until we reach Union Station and all we can see are skyscrapers.

We spend our first day exploring the upper part of the city, touring St Lawrence Market an upscale farmers market filled with seafood, butcher shops, bakeries, and sandwich shops. We stop at one to pick up a Peameal bacon sandwich – a Toronto tradition as well as a butter tart another Toronto tradition. Afterward, we head up to the parliament buildings where they are setting up for the swearing-in of their newest premiere Mr. Ford, the place is filled with news vans setting up for tomorrow’s ceremony but we are still able to take the 45 minutes guided tour of the building. Then it was on to visit the “Toronto” sign before heading back, on our way back we stop by the very posh Fairmont Hotel before heading back to our campsite.

 After arriving back in Toronto the next morning we spend a leisurely day along the waterfront watching water taxis and boat cruises, ply the harbor and nearby islands. We stop at the numerous small parks along the way and watch the preparation for Canada day celebrations. On our way back to the train station we finally stop at the CN Tower as well as the Roadhouse and train museum. It’s been enjoyable visiting Toronto despite the 35-degree temp, tomorrow it’s off to Niagara Falls.

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