After an enjoyable evening spent at the cranberry marsh, we head out for our first stop at Wasaga beach. It’s a pleasant drive through farmlands with the most scenic barns I’ve seen. Unfortunately, the roads here have very narrow soft shoulders, so I’m unable to stop and get any pictures.
Our stop at Wasaga beach is quite brief, with the parking cost at $17 a day, no hourly rate or on street parking, cool temps and windy conditions, we settle for a quick stop, long enough to dunk our toes in the cold water and take a couple of quick snapshots. At 14km long, it is the world’s longest freshwater sand beach and during the height of summer is quite packed I’m sure.

Our first stop upon reaching Bruce National Park is to climb the tall observation tower to look out at Georgian Bay, then a nice hike down to the water before heading towards the campground where we hope to be able to stay the night.

On arrival at the park, we find out we are in luck they have a cancellation so we quickly agree to take it. We really should have asked more questions as our site is located in a tent only area. After a very slow drive down the narrow road with a lot of low hanging branches, we finally arrive at our campsite and manage to shoehorn our RV into the site after removing some low branches. Lesson learned – always ask if the site will accept a large RV.

The next morning, after extricating ourselves, we head into Tobermory for a glass-bottom cruise to the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Our cruise includes viewing of 2 of the more than 22 shipwrecks before dropping us off at Flowerpot Island, which is named after the two “flowerpot” rock outcroppings located on the island. The water here is crystal clear, the shallows are a lovely shade of green changing to a deep shade of blue as the escarpment drops off. We spend our time picnicking near the flower pots, before hiking around the island for a couple of hours. After our jet boat ride back to the marina, we make the long drive back to Owen Sound to find a place to spend the night.

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