We have moved from Killarney to Huntsville.  We overnighted at a beach, but the mosquitoes were terrible – buzzing around our heads all night long.  The next day we headed to Algonquin Provincial Park.

This is a huge park of spruce, ash, fir, and pine forest and many, many lakes both large and small.  There are lots of hiking trails and lots of canoe access points.  While we don’t spot any wildlife, but there are bears, moose, deer, and smaller mammals, as well as lots of trout in the lakes.  The one creature here in abundance is the mosquito – we are covered in bites after a few walks in the park.

The best stop in the park is the logging museum.  After a short film explaining the past and present logging practices, we go into the forest to see displays.  During the first world war, 50% of all Canadian males worked in the logging industry – falling and squaring off timbers in the winter and then sending the logs downstream in the spring to be shipped to England to build boats for the war efforts. 

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