Ready to go before 9 for a change but discovered a headlight out so off to Canadian Tire we go to fix it. While we were there, I decided to replace the wiper blades at the same time big mistake 2 hrs later we finally got back on the road.

Saskatchewan is very flat with very straight roads, it’s so weird seeing the sky take up so much of your view. Onc e again we pass thru miles of farm land and small farming communities each with it’s own cute grain elevator the larger town’s have more modern ones not nearly as nice to look at.

We also see many smaller grain storage tanks along the way and in one field we saw 32 all lined up in a row. We arrived in Moose Jaw in the late afternoon and after checking out the Visitors Center with it’s Giant Moose we headed to the local Walmart to restock supplies and setup for the night. After dinner we took a stroll along the golf course behind us, we only had to dodge 2 golf balls before heading back. Will be heading into Moose Jaw in the morning to take a tour of the underground tunnels before hitting the road once again.

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