After our busy day yesterday we take a leisurely drive out to the Great Salt Lake, stopping at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates and Ice Cream factory along the way, we had hoped to take a tour but didn’t manage to do that.

The Great Salt Lake is vast with sea monkey’s (brine shrimp) the only thing living in the lake what we don’t see is salt just miles of sandy beaches and the vast lake… disappointing.

We next head out to Antelope Island which is joined to the mainland by a 7-mile causeway we had hoped to spend the night here but all the campgrounds are full so we just drive around the island instead. It’s very scenic with bison, antelope and even a coyote in the distance, we also visit a bison ranch were the bison are raised before being sold as a healthy alternative to cattle. The lake & sand are much more scenic here than our stop at the marina and we can see Salt Lake city of in the distance.

After eating dinner at one of the day use beach access area’s we head back to Cabela’s in Farmington to spend the night.

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