After a decent night sleep, we get an early start and head back to Yellowstone from our boondocking site. It’s a glorious day warm and sunny and we decide to do a few hikes, first up a 20-minute hike to Wraith Falls on our way there we pass thru a Bison herd walking down the roadway – some as close as 5 feet from us. Lots of huge males and babies it was awesome to see these huge creatures up so close.

Next up was the Petrified Tree which turned out to be not so impressive.

Our last hike was to Trout Lake, a fairly vigours 20-minute hike uphill then another 25 minutes to walk around the lake.  We see lots of trout in the lake and quite a few anglers trying to catch them, it’s a catch and release site so it’s all just for fun but I bet the trout don’t see it that way.

On our way to check out the northeast entrance, we spot a lot of cars pulled off the road so we stop to see whats up. It turns out to be a couple of Mountain Goats way up on the mountain, fortunately, these people are using spotting scopes and allowed us to view them.

Our last stop for the day is Tower Falls only about 200 yards from the very busy parking lot but worth the hassle of finding a spot to park. Way down of the river is Calcite Springs- we can see hot gas coming up out of the white calcium deposits. Then it’s back to our boondocking site past Gardiner on the way to Jardine.

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