Today is our last day of vacation – it’s time to head back home. Plans for today were to check out the downtown area and the Auckland bridge, but once downtown we find parking rates are $15/hr (ouch), so we check out the bridge. We accidentally head over the bridge instead, but it works out for the best because I get some good shots of the bridge with the city in the background.

We then head back over the bridge and brave the city streets as we head for Sealife Aquarium because they have King Penguins!!! Awesome penguins- there are some juvenile emperor penguins with brown furry chicks that are bigger than the parents! The smaller penguins are sitting on there large eggs fending off the other penguins who are trying to take their rocks.

We view the stingray feeding – 2 large black stingrays are in the tank and they pester the zookeeper lady for food, as well as soak the spectators in the first row – very impressive creatures. We also see lots of fish, octopi, sharks, seahorses, and jellyfish as well.

We head off to South Auckland and walk around the Otuataua Stonefields – ancient Maori and European stone fences and ruins. Mount Mangere is here as well which is another volcanic crater, but not very large.



Then it’s time to return our rental car, amazingly unharmed, and head to the airport for the very long flight back to Vancouver. It has been a great 4 1/2 weeks but it’s time to get back to real life.


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