Bridge Climb day! Perfect weather with blue skies and no wind. 3 1/2 hours in total – 50 minutes getting ready in our jumpsuits and learning how to climb the steep ladders with the the wire attachment and then 2 hours walking over traffic, trains and people.

We walked up the arch of the bridge stopping to admire the views in warm sunshine and having photos taken. Unfortunately we cannot take any photos as we cannot bring  ANYTHING with us on the climb. An enjoyable experience but very costly at $600.



In the afternoon we head to Manley on the ferry – a 30 minute ride. It was nice to be out on the water with all the other boats and ferries.It is Sunday and transport cost are at there lowest so lots of people are on the ferry with us. We all unload en-mass and head to the beach.

When we arrive at the beach we see lots of surfers in the water. A large percentage appear to be learning. As we walk along the pathway bordering the beach we see volleyball players,paddle boarders and even people snorkeling in a quiet bay looking for sharks and other marine life. The path is lined with many fancy homes and condos overlooking the sea.

On the return trip we enjoy a beautiful sunset lighting up the harbour bridge. – a great day in Sydney.



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