Up early to visit the Chauchilla cemetery, a burial site that had been desecrated by grave robbers who, while trying to find treasurers in the tombs, ripped the bodies apart leaving the remainders all over the grave site.




Then it was time to head over to the airport and board our plane to view the Nazca lines from the air. Jackie and I flew in a small 4 seater with a pilot and copilot. It was a half hour tour and we managed to see quite a lot of geoglyphs. It was a fun flight but the constant bouncing and banking was a little upsetting. Just after we finished our flight the winds picked up and they closed all flights.



Back to the hotel to pack up and head to the bus depot for our trip to Arequipa. We boarded the bus at 2:30pm and arrived at Arequipa at 2:00am, finally got to sleep at 3 and we needed to be up at 8:00 to be ready for our walking tour.

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