Quite enjoyed the fountains even with the 35 min walk it took to get there. The 7 fountains are all lit up some with music and laser holograms-  like a Disney water show.



Got a little turned around going home via the Metropolitano but a nice little old lady helped us out, not a  lot of English spoken here but gesturing seems to work well.



Up early this morning and back on the Metropolitano to Miraflores, an  upscale area with high end shopping and dining. The Larcomar Mall is cut into the cliffs of the Pacific ocean. Too bad it was so misty and overcast – or smoggy?



Then a leisurely walk down the Pacific beach to check out the surfers, as well as try out the exercise equipment along the way.


Passed quite a few gambling places on our walk thru the area. Stopped at a chocolate museum for a cup of very nice hot chocolate, didn’t have time for the whole 2 hr tour.



Took the Metropolitano back to our hotel, must have been rush hour as we ended up being crammed into the bus as more people forced their way onto the already overcrowded bus.

Trip welcome meeting starts in 1/2 hour, then we will be heading out in the morning.

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