Returned to Hanoi and its craziness after the peace of Halong Bay. Went to the world famous Thang Long water puppet show. It was interesting, quaint, and corny all at the same time. On the side of the water pool stage were musicians and singers. The puppeteers stand waist deep in water behind a screen and manipulate puppets through their moves in the water. The puppets look rather hoaky as they must be made of water proof materials.  The show teaches us about Vietnamese culture and traditions. We are glad it only lasts an hour as it is rather corny.


  1. Simply Amazing…the pics are incredible, hard to imagine seeing and doing all the things you are doing on the other side of the world – as I listen to the constand deluge of rain that hasn’t stopped! Going to wipe up an exotic meal to go with the showing of photo’s? Enjoy your final week of adventure!

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