Luang Prabang is a French colonial style city with preserved buildings. French is spoken by some, baguettes and croissants for sale, as well as crepes. Some in the group try stir fried frog – seeing the legs didn’t look too appetizing. Day trip out to gorgeous Kuang So waterfalls – the water color reminded us of the blue-green of Lake Louise. We also visited a museum depicting Laos culture.



Went elephant riding – what gentle and majestic creatures.  Had a 30 minute ride on the chair with Guy taking the opportunity to ride on our elephant’s shoulders. He said their translucent ears felt like radiators on his legs. After the ride we moved down to the river to bathe with the elephants.  A little scary as one is riding on the shoulders with the elephant lurching down the bank of the river.  Very cold water and you are at the mercy of the animal as it tries to dunk you. The non-swimmer in the group felt himself slipping so leaped off,  madly paddling for shore. A fantastic experience.


Heading into town tonight to taste snakes blood yum!!

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